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Since opening our doors we have been dedicated to providing the best bail bond service in the Tampa Bay area. We are proud to help people exercise their 8th amendment right to bail.

At 1st Knight Bail Bonds we do not pass judgment on anyone that has been charged with a crime and believe in the “Innocent until proven guilty” doctrine.

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Explore What We Are Doing Better

We are always trying to do better and to provide the most advanced bail bond services in the industry. Its not just about getting you out, its about the quality of the service we provide when we do. 

Felony Arrest

Felony arrests can be very stressful. Serious charges and the fear of possible jail time can feel like a nightmare. We are here to help

Misdemeanor Arrest

Many people that have never been arrested before may experience a misdemeanor arrest for a small crime.

Notary Services

We provide notary services for anyone that needs to have a signature verified, an oath to be given, and even certified copies.

Warrant Help

We can help to find out if you have an active warrant in Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Pasco County, and throughout Fl.

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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

1st Knight Bail Bonds in Pinellas County will help you to understand the process. We want to help defendants make sure they don’t fail to appear in court and create new issues. We will always be available for questions and will also help to make sure you know your court dates. 

You deserve the best bail bondsman in the Tampa Bay area.

We will get you out of jail as quickly as the law allows. 

We are here to help everyone

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