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1st Knight Bail Bonds has been proudly providing bail bonds in the Tampa Bay area since 2016. The founder and current owner, Sarah Knight has been in the bail bonding industry for over 9 years. During this time she has learned many of the “inside” tricks to make sure a bond can get done and has also streamlined the process to make it faster. 

While Sarah was gaining experience in the bail bond industry by working with many other bondsmen, she taken that knowledge and now utilizes it to help her customers and clients. 

In 2016 Sarah made the determination to go out on her own and started 1st Knight Bail Bonds. In the beginning there was some confusion with the spelling as many that heard it thought it was First Night Bail Bonds, but over time the company has secured its place within Pinellas County. It was her desire to build a unique Pinellas Bail Bond company that treated everyone well and to have a business that represented her character and determination. 

1st Knight Bail Bonds enjoys helping clients and customers get through difficult times and to show them what excellent customer service is about. It is the belief that each client is a person and should be treated as such that make Sarah proud to be in the Tampa Bay area providing bail bonding services. 

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

A bail bond is a paper instrument guaranteeing that a defendant will appear in all court hearings. This document is backed by a promise to pay a specific dollar amount if the agreement is not fulfilled with the court system.  

When a person is arrested they are transported to the county jail to be processed. Depending on the charges a bail bond amount will be assigned by a judge. When that bond is ready its time to call 1st Knight Bail so we can start securing the proper paperwork and fees. Once the documentation and fees are collected we will go to the jail and sign our name on the bail bond to secure your release. 

We are not allowed by law to offer any advise on how to proceed with your criminal case. We will always work with you and ensure you know when your court dates are, but you will need to hire an attorney or have one appointed by the court to receive legal advise. 

Depending on the size of the bond we can work with you on the bond premiums. Some bonds can be very high leaving people feeling helpless. 1st Knight will listen to your concerns and try to work with you to secure the defendants release. If you have a question just call. 

As a bail bondsman we understand that no one plans on being arrested. We have bail bondsmen available 24/7 to answer your phone calls.

If you miss your court date due to an error CALL US IMMEDIATELY!! We understand that mistakes happen and have the knowledge to help you with that situation. Not every failure to appear will result in an arrest if its dealt with rapidly. 

If you miss court and attempt to hide yourself we will utilize our investigative team to locate you and bring you back to the jail. 

The State of Florida does not allow bounty hunters to find defendants. Each of people on our recovery team are licensed bail bondsman in this state. They have the authority to take a defendant into custody in order to return them to the proper jurisdictional jail. 

One phone call with start the process. Just call us at (727) 538-7727 or you can fill out our on-line Bail Request form