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Felony Bail Bond

A felony crime is defined by each state statute or criminal code. A felony charge is best described as a crime that carries a higher amount of time to serve in a penitentiary if a person is found guilty. Most defendants found guilty of committing a felony crime will serve their sentence in a state facility run by the department of corrections.  

Due to the severity of the charges most felony charges will have a higher bail bond amount attached to them. In some cases, such as murder and rape, there my not be a bond allowed based on the judges determination of the overall danger to the  community the defendant may have. 

1st Knight Bail Bonds provides felony bail for any charges where a judge has assigned a bail amount. Just call us to find out your options. 

Misdemeanor Bail Bond

A misdemeanor crime is generally defined as a charge that may result in county jail time if a defendant is found guilty. In many states the difference between a felony conviction and a misdemeanor conviction sentence is the wording. A misdemeanor will be listed as “months” where a felony will be listed as “years”.

Most misdemeanors are seen as a lower level crime and usually have a bond assigned. In some cases such as failure to appear, domestic violence, and alcohol violations, the charge may result in bail not being assigned until the defendant sees a judge. If there is no bond assigned an attorney may be able to assist the defendant with a court request. 

We provide misdemeanor bail bonds for any charges that a judge has issued a bail amount. 

Florida Warrant Check

If you think there may be an active criminal warrant for your arrest there is a way to find out while remaining anonymous. Just call 1st Knight Bail Bonds and we can check for you. We have the ability to check with most agencies within Florida and can find out if it is already a bailable criminal charge. 

Once we determine if there is a warrant we can do the paperwork to secure the bond before you need to turn yourself in. This will speed up the process inside the county jail so your release is much more rapid. 

We are here to help our clients so give us a call and we can get things started. 

Notary Services

A Florida Notary is appointed by the Governor  to take acknowledgments, administer oaths, attest to photocopies of certain documents, and solemnize marriages. 

The majority of request are for documents and signatures that require a notary to authenticate that the people present are the actual signers. A Florida Notary must have a stamp with the notary’s information on it to validate who the notary was that authenticated the document(s). This stamp has specific guidelines and must be approved by the State of Florida. 

If you need the services of a notary call us and we can schedule an appointment to provide our services.