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What is a Bounty Hunter

1st Knight Bail Bonds
July 14, 2020

Bounty hunting is the common description used to describe a person that looks for defendants that have failed to appear in court. In Florida we do not use bounty hunters and they are considered to be illegal in nature, instead only a licensed bondsman can conduct the action of taking a defendant back into custody. For the purpose of this article we will be using the term bail recovery just as a reference to the individual that is looking for a person wanted by the bonding company.

Bail recovery is a very important aspect of any bail bonding agency. The bail bondsman signs a bond with the courts where they guarantee the defendant will show up for all court dates. If that defendant fails to appear a bench warrant is issued and a notice, referred to as a bond forfeiture, is sent to the bonding company that they have a certain number of days to find the defendant and return them to the jurisdiction of the court.

Bounty HuntingWhen the bonding company receives the notice of the bond forfeiture they immediately begin their investigation by trying to contact the defendant to see if a mistake has occurred. There are times when a defendant has simply forgotten their court date and did not miss court intentionally. In many cases the bail bondsman will try and work with the defendant and secure a new court date without the need to go go back to jail. For this reason alone it very important for defendants to stay in contact with the bail bondsman.

If the bondsman learns that the defendant has intentionally missed court and is hiding from the bonding company then the situation changes. The person conducting the bail recovery investigation will begin to make contact with people that know the defendant and to gather information about a potential location. The bail recovery side is very tenacious about locating wanted defendants and has extremely high percentage rates of locating and recovering defendants.

Once a defendant has been located by the bail recovery investigator they will go to the location and take that person into custody. Bail bondsman are able to travel across county lines, as well as state lines, in order to take a defendant into custody. Many defendants believe that bail bondsman have the same limitation’s as law enforcement, but this is untrue.

Bail bondsman are professionals that have to work within the court system very often and will do everything in their power to remain in good standing. The courts understand that defendants do run from their court cases, but if a bondsman is good at bring them back it creates trust. This relationship is important for a bondsman and they will strive to make sure every defendant appears in court.

All of the above services that the bondsman provides are at no cost to the taxpayer. A bail bonding company uses their own finances and equipment to ensure defendants are brought to their court dates. Some states have implemented bail reform laws that have changed this to where the taxpayer is fully responsible for the processing or capturing defendants. This is the reason that we love the Florida bail bond system as it is. It is a cost effective method to help the court system operate without the need for additional taxpayer funding.

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